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          Four comprehensive test chamb
          Four comprehensive environmental testing system is suitable for the aviation, aerospace, weapons, shipbuilding, nuclear industry and so on, such as the electronic instruments and meters, all kinds of electronic machine, part and components, as well as the material, process, etc. in temperature, humidity, altitude (≤30000 meters), and the climate environment, such as vibration and mechanical environment simulation test and the conditions of the factors combination of comprehensive environmental testing.
          Main parameter:
          Chamber effective size:D1200×W1200×H1000mm (Other sizes can be customized)
          Temperature range:-70℃~﹢150℃
          Humidity range:20%~98%(Atmospheric conditions, high comprehensive test from time to time adjustment)
          Heating time:≥10℃/min(-55℃~+85℃,normal pressure,150kg aluminum)
          Cooling time:≥10℃/min(-55℃~+85℃,常壓,150kg aluminum)
          Air pressure rate:normal pressure~0.5kPa
          Sinusoidal and random excitation forces:100kN
          Max Acceleration:100g
          Frequency range:5~2500Hz
          Working table:φ640mm
          Comprehensive test capability:
          ►comprehensive test of temperature and humidity:
          Temperature range:+20℃~+85℃;humidity range:20%~98%。
          ►comprehensive test of temperature and height:
          Temperature range:-55℃~+150℃;height range:ground~30000m。 
          ► Temperature + humidity + height comprehensive test:
          Temperature range:+20℃~+85℃;humidity range:20%~95%( The highest humidity is related to height);height range:ground~15200m。According to the specific requirements of comprehensive test, some parameters can be extended.
          ► Temperature + humidity + height + vibration comprehensive test:
          Temperature range:+20℃~+85℃;humidity range:20%~95%( The highest humidity is related to height);height range:ground~15200m,The vibration parameters correspond to the specifications of the shaking table. According to the specific requirements of comprehensive test, some parameters can be extended.
          Satisfying standard:
          ►GB/T2423.1 Test A: Low temperature test method
          ►GB/T2423.2 Test B: High temperature test method
          ►GB/T2423.3 Steady-state damp heat test
          ►GB/T2423.4 Cyclic damp heat test
          ►GB/T2423.21 Low air pressure test method
          ►GB/T2423.27 Continuous comprehensive test of low temperature and low pressure and damp heat
          ►GJB150.2A Low pressure (altitude) test
          ►GJB150.3A high-temperature test
          ►GJB150.4A low-temperature test
          ►GJB150.9A damp heat test
          ►GJB150.24A temperature-humidity-vibration-height test
          ►GJB150.2 Environmental test methods for military equipment - Low pressure test
          ►GJB150.6 Environmental test methods for military equipment: temperature-height test;
          ►GJB150.19 Environmental test methods for military equipment - temperature - height - humidity test;
          ►RTCA-DO-160 relevant test requirements;
          Chongqing Yinhe Experimental Equipment CO.,LTD. 2012 渝ICP備09054543號 技術支持:Hansa